About Us

Bracelets by Zury truly is a continuous passion in how I made a living in Matanzas,Cuba from an early age. My passion was creating ceramic jewelry from scratch with my own designs. I would spend the week designing and handcrafting all the jewelry in order to sell on the weekends. I would display and sell my ceramic jewelry in different market in region to region. My main inspiration simply was having a selection that no one in the fairgrounds had and it was always an awesome feeling when people will buy from me because of its original design.

The opportunity to come to America presented itself and I came in 2016. I came to America with only $2,000.00 dollars which I had saved up by selling my ceramic jewelry. After finding my way in 2021, I had gathered enough money to start Bracelets by Zury to continue my passion in jewelry. My design are simple utilizing the best quality material with Swarovski gems to enhance each design, while maintaining affordable unique jewelry.

My inspiration is to design to all forms of style, fashion, and momentous pieces. I have created different collections from bracelets, earrings, and necklaces.Also be the motivation for other people like me to fight to fulfill their dreams.